This document should get you up and running with Telemetry as quickly as possible! Don't forget, if you're stuck or having trouble, ask for help on Twitter or GitHub.

It's awesome that you want to try out Telemetry! Telemetry is a small, easy to install and privacy conscious analytics platform for apps and websites. You only need three steps to integrate Telemetry into your first Swift App:

Create an Account

Get the Telemetry Viewer App via Testflight and register for an account. Then create an entry for your application.

Setup your App

Include the Telemetry Client Swift Package in your application.

Send Signals

Whenever something interesting happens in your application, send a signal using TelemetryManager .send

If you have some experience with Swift Package Manager, the three steps above might be enough to get you up and running. If you'd like more detail on any of the steps, click the buttons for an in-depth guide with screenshots.

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