Making an Account

You got an email with a registration code, now what? Let's install the Telemetry Viewer App, register for an account, and setup your application.

Step Zero: Prerequisites

These are the things you'll need:

iOS 14 or macOS 11
To run the Telemetry Viewer app, you'll need an iPad running iPadOS 14, an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 14, or a Mac running macOS 11. Right now, there's no web interface.
The App
You'll deal with all the administrative stuff regarding Telemetry by using a free app, Telemetry Viewer. Telemetry Viewer is not yet in the App Store, but you'll get access to it when you're invited to try out Telemetry.
A Registration Code
Together with a link to the Telemetry Viewer app, you'll also get an 8-character Registration Code which you will need to create your account.

Step One: Register an Account

To register, you need the Telemetry App, which is not yet in the App Store. You'll get access to it during the introduction, and it runs on iOS 14 and macOS 11.

A screenshot of Telemetry Viewer's Login Page

When you open the app for the first time, you'll be presented with a login screen. Tap the Register a New Organization button to register. Enter the Registration Code and your personal details, including an organization name.

In Telemetry, users always belong to an organization. This way, if you want to collaborate with multiple account later, you can add them to your organization and share your data. You can choose any name for your organization.

Tap the Register button and if you didn't see an error message, you can now log into your newly created account with the supplied email address and password!

Step Two: Create an App

A screenshot of Telemetry Viewer's App List, with a Plus Sign at the top right, which will add a new app
Tap the + Button at the top of the sidebar to create a new app. (If the sidebar is not visible, tap the sidebar toggle icon to show it.) This will open the New App screen.

In the New App screen, enter the name of the app you want to include in Telemetry. Then tap Save and your new app will appear in the sidebar.

A screenshot of Telemetry Viewer's New App screen

Step Three: Get Your New App's Unique Identifier

Select your new app in the sidebar. Then tap the gears icon in the top right of the window to open the App Settings Screen. Here you can rename or delete your app, but right now we're interested in the app's Unique Identifer. Select the identifer and copy it to your clipboard. You'll need it later.

A screenshot of Telemetry Viewer's New App screen

And You're Done!

That's it, you're now ready for the next step, in which you'll open Xcode and set up your application. Use this link to advance:

Next Up: Setting Up Your Application →

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