I'm Daniel Jilg, aka @breakthesystem or winsmith on various platforms, and I make AppTelemetry! Here's how you can reach me.

For questions and notes about how to use AppTelemetry, it's APIs, it's development etc

If you want to talk about AppTelemetry, my preferred method of contact is Slack or GitHub Discussions. You can also open a GitHub Issue, I monitor these very closely.

Please only send me emails or Twitter mentions as a last resort. If you send me a technical message while I'm busy away from the computer, I mighht not be able to answer right away and your message might get lost. If it is instead in one of the proper channels, I will actively go and find any and all messages in those once I'm working on AppTelemetry.

For discussions about myself or the business, or anything else

If you'd like to chat in real time, send a DM to my Twitter account, @breakthesystem. Or, if you prefer email, reach me at daniel (at) breakthesystem (dot) org.

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