Lightweight Analytics
That's Not Evil

Telemetry is a new service that helps app and web developers improve their product by supplying immediate, accurate telemetry data while users use your app. And the best part: It's all anonymized so your users' data stays private!
Beta While in Beta, Telemetry is completely free, and beta users later get super generous free plans after Telemetry is released. Join the beta now!
A screenshot of the Telemetry macOS app

Why Telemetry Is Pretty Cool

How It Works

Telemetry Gives You Exactly the Information You Need

By default, Telemetry gives you detailed information about App Version, Device Type, Platform, and Distribution Mechanism. But that's just the start: You decide the signal types and the metadata payload for each signal, so you can include exactly the information you need to improve your app!

Each time you want to send a signal to Telemetry, call one (non-blocking) function: App Start. User has switched the Settings to Pizza Mode. New Data Entered. And so on.

That's it! Lean back and see information fill your dashboard in Telemetry's very nice (if I may say so) iOS and macOS app.

  • Custom Metadata Payload
  • Custom Signal Types
  • SPM Package for Swift Projects
  • Easy POST Request for Other Projects
Fast as H*ck, 12/10 Stars

Telemetry is Faster than the App Store

With App Store analytics, the available information is kinda slim. Like, amount of downloads of your app, and how many people open them. Nothing after! And you'll only get this data about a day later.

With Telemetry, you get signals about one second after the app has sent them. And you can get way more information too, like: Which features are your users actually using?

One second is 86.400X shorter than 24 hours. Imagine launching a new version and seeing new users pouring in live on your dashboard.
More Information
You decide what meta information you send with each signal. This helps you get the exact information you need without compromising the pricacy of your users.
Examples of the various graph types Telemetry offers
Privacy First

Telemetry is Private by Design

While other analytic packages are eager to scrape as much data off your users as possible, Telemetry only communicates the data you need to find out how your users use your product.

User Identifiers are always hashed. This way you can recognize the same user when they reappear but never associate data with a specific person.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • CCPA Compliant
  • Easy, honest Privacy Policy
  • No sleazy data collection

Look, Numbers!

Just like your app, Telemetry itself will grow over time. Right now these are kinda small.
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